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At JFP we offer creative financing options for real estate investors through competitive loan programs and award-winning service!

Why Jaded Financial Partners?

At JFP we make getting an investment loan a simple and quick process with…

Fast Loans

We close loans on an average in about 7-10 days on most lending products.

Flexible Money

We understand that every investment is different. That is wy we offer creative lennding strategies that provide flexibility to structure transactions in many different ways.

Seasoned team

We approve loans to investors of all experience levels from first time investors to the seasoned professionals. Our experts have the skills and knowledge needed to close the deal!


We provide ongong education and resources to our investors. We want to partner with you to build your portfolio and impact the community.

Want To Get Paid For Referring Your Friends & Family?

At JFP we make it a mission to ensure you are properly rewarded for referring your family and friends. For every Investor referral that we close you can earn up to $500 !

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