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Building Relationships for a Successful Fix-and-Flip Business

Relationships with people are the foundation of most businesses.  Relationships lead to referrals, which make our businesses sustainable. Otherwise, commercial real estate is just a job, not a career, and we are effectively unemployed after each and every deal. This advice is true for fix-and-flip investors. Building a team of people who can help you
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Building Wealth Through Long Term Rental Properties

So You’re Looking To Get Rich with Rental Properties, Eh? If you’re looking for a new way to build wealth and secure your financial future you’re not alone. Many Americans today have come to realize that traditional pension plans are likely a thing of the past and social security is, at the very best, a
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Build a team of All-Stars!

  If you have the right real estate investing team members in your corner, your real estate investments should run like a well-oiled machine.When buying or selling real estate, you will need to use either an attorney or title company or maybe even both. The choice depends on your state, your preference and whom you
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Commercial Real Estate LLC Benefits: Breaking Down The Advantages

Commercial Real Estate LLC Benefits What substantial real estate LLC benefits can investors obtain from incorporating their business? Better yet, how will they enhance the long-term outlook of their business? One of the first questions an up-and-coming real estate investor needs to answer is the type of corporate structure they want to establish. If for nothing else, starting a real estate
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Finding Cash Buyers!!

  The Benefits Of Cash Buyers For many real estate investors, there are few words better than “cash buyers.” Not only can cash simplify a real estate transaction, but it can also lead to faster closing times and fewer complications. The reason for this is because with cash buyers, there is no loan approval process.
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Property Management Companies: Do You Need One on Your REI Team?

If you’re serious about building a profitable portfolio of rental properties, you will inevitably be faced with a critical decision about your future. Are you going to manage these properties yourself, or will you hire a property manager to handle them for you? Make no mistake about it, this is a huge decision about how
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What to Look for in an Investment Real Estate Agent

  An investment real estate agent can spot good deals and help investors negotiate better prices. Here’s what you should look for in your investment agent. A real estate agent can be a very handy connection for a busy investor. For one, they’re basically your lookout for up-and-coming deals. With their network, access to the
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5 Vital Rules For Working With Contractors on Investment Properties

How do investors ensure that they don’t get ripped off during a construction project?  Here are 5 Vital Rules for Working with Contractors    Rule 1: Never give a contractor more money than the work that was completed. When we are working with a new contractor, we require the contractor put a week of work
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Situations When You Need A Real Estate Attorney

Buying? Selling? New to the Business? Why You Need a Lawyer Now There is a popular misconception that you only need to call a lawyer when something has gone wrong. This simply isn’t true—at least not in the world of real estate. In fact, the best time to hire a lawyer is well before you
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How To Find An Investor Friendly Realtor

It is 100 percent possible to work with an investor friendly real estate agent who will boost your business bottom line – so long as they are an expert in their local market and can calculate basic investor equations. If you want help finding deals on the MLS and marketing investment properties in markets that you are
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